Mission Statement

Ireland for Peltier:  Mission Statement

Ireland for Peltier aims to promote and maintain the battle for the freedom and release of Leonard Peltier from prison. A man of innocence, he has spent more time in jail than out, an inconceivable and inhumane situation considering the fact he was sentenced for a crime he did not commit. As we approach the final year of President Obama’s administration, we continue to advocate and push for his release. We plan to do so through campaigning, fundraising and promoting his case and his fight for freedom. We aim to raise awareness for his cause here in Ireland, with the ultimate ambition of securing his liberation, in the hope that social justice, equality and fairness will prevail. People pressure and political power is the key to success and pressure is exactly what we, in Ireland for Peltier, aim to exert. It is our hope that we can add muscle to our fight, with the support of anyone and everyone welcome. Free Leonard Peltier!