Urgent: European Call To Action

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We need all European supporters to help us with this endeavour, in an effort to help urge President Obama to grant Leonard Peltier Executive Clemency.

A written Declaration is currently in the European Union Parliament

submitted under Rule 136 of the Rules of Procedure
on Leonard Peltier

We need to have atleast half of the MEPs signatures before the Declaration can be sent to President Obama from Europe calling for the release of Leonard Peltier.

Ireland For Peltier is urging on all our European friends, comrades and supporters to please call your MEP urging them to sign the Declaration. We need relentless lobbying at the moment to possibly speed up the influx of signature if we expect to have this to President Obama before he leaves office.

If you need any further information please email us at or through the message center provided for the website.

Thank you for your help, we need to continue to work together to make this Leonard’s time for freedom.

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